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The Bumpy Road Of Pinduoduo And Its Founder Colin Huang


Finally, consider that if you choose the second option, you will get a license and all required certifications that allow you to sell products on every Chinese online platform. https://dotbig.com/markets/stocks/PDD/o’s channel gives not very well-known merchants more options than Alibaba and JD.com since the main force of the platform is to do branding at better commercial terms.


He described PDDo as a company that "forces the smartest people in the country to work" long hours, and expressed his disappointment that the stock has been trading at record levels on Wall Street despite the recent controversies. "We feel profound sadness that we lost one of our employees to suicide," the company said in the statement. "We are doing everything we can to support his family and loved ones during this difficult time." Although the most used social media platform is WeChat, opening an official WeChat account is not your best option if your objective is to gain visibility. Paying for native ads on Baidu can help your company be visible and does not take much time, so it is highly recommended at the beginning.

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He set up three business ventures in succession, including e-commerce site Ouku.com that sold consumer electronics in 2007. But while his companies thrived, all of them lived under the shadow of the tech giants that are now dominating the Chinese market, DotBig including e-commerce giants like Ma’s Alibaba and JD.com, and social media giant Tencent. By 2010, Huang had sold off Ouku after it failed to gain traction against the thousands of Chinese sites vying for the growing wallets of China’s middle class.


Most of its early products were agricultural goods like fruit and vegetables, a nod to many minor farmers and suppliers who shunned the exorbitant costs of using platforms like Alibaba’s Tmall, which charges suppliers a 6% premium on any item sold. It surpassed Alibaba, China’s largest e-commerce site, in terms of annual active users for the first time in its history. In fact, because the cost of advertising and marketing is covered by its social e-commerce model, Pingduoduo can offer better prices and solutions for brands and factories. By the way, https://dotbig.com/o implemented a very short duration coupon, a type that was almost inexistent in China e-commerce beforehand. We are still surprised that it worked so well, chinese consumers are usually level headed. Prices that can’t be beaten and products already known from the buyers.

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Yahoo Finance’s Ines Ferré breaks down how stocks and energy markets are moving on Tuesday as well as BlackRock cutting its somewhat bullish stance on China stocks and bonds. In March 2022, a person let 60 thousand people help his "price cutting" live, but still failed to get an iPhone, pinduoduo stocko states that the number of people does not reach 60 thousand, and the IPhone already sent to the person. On 3 January 2021, a 22-year-old Pinduoduo employee died from extreme overtime work, which angered the public on the 996 working hour system. Pinduoduo has helped 180,000 farmers in nearly 400 agricultural areas sell the equivalent of 120,000 metric tons of agricultural produce from February 10 to March 18 through its Help the Farmers COVID-19 response program.

  • Chinese social media users had already started calling out the deaths as emblematic of a troublesome work culture at Pinduoduo when a former software engineer at the company catapulted awareness of the problem to new highs.
  • Pinduoduo also has a dedicated team that addresses inquiries from rights-holders’ about its IP protection portal.
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  • The issue of counterfeiting has become another lightning rod for criticism.

Agriculture Improving agriculture and helping rural communities have been a core part of our strategy since the very beginning. https://www.bankrate.com/banking/biggest-banks-in-america/o has been investing heavily in agricultural logistics infrastructure and evaluating opportunities in alternative proteins and functional foods. In April 2020, Pinduoduo made its first strategic investment by subscribing to US$200 million in convertible bonds issued by Gome Retail Holding, a major household appliance and electronics retailer in China. This investment is expected to strengthen Pinduoduo’s position in the household appliances and electronics sector and also accelerate its push into C2M, with more tailor-made appliances made available to its users. Pinduoduo has seen merchant base expands rapidly to reach 8.6 million active merchants within 6 years of its founding. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services.

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He added, though, that the environment for workers might not change much, even after the tech sector "regains a regulator equilibrium." Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, for example, was heavily criticized in China two years ago after he called 996 culture a "huge blessing." The company didn’t respond to questions about the allegations made against its work culture. It did say, however, that it has set up a team to provide psychological counseling https://dotbig.com/markets/stocks/PDD/ following the suicide of its worker last week. First, a worker in her twenties collapsed in Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang region, while walking home with colleagues during the early hours of Dec. 29. If you think Pingduoduo can be the key to access the Chinese market also for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. This is because it is a close network where you need too much time in managing groups to have sufficient results.

Pinduoduo’s Accelerating Growth

The competition has the technical support of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Wageningen University & Research . On pinduoduo stocko, users can discover and purchase products from a wide range of sellers. What sets Pinduoduo apart is the social aspect where users can easily share what they have browsed or purchased with their social network, inviting them to join teams of mostly two people within 24 hours to enjoy a lower price. Users get a clear benefit of enjoying a lower price while still having the convenience of getting the product shipped to them individually. This in turn drives greater sales volume for sellers, allowing them to continue offering value-for-money prices due to economies of scale. Pinduoduo scored higher than its online peers in the brand attributes of adventurous, fun, and playful. But Pinduoduo has billed itself as a challenger to the big players who played by different rules and served the common man.

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