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I use Matchmaker Logistics because they share our same value system.

logistics company testimonials

I use Matchmaker Logistics because they share our same value system. “Our company works with overseas partners who dictate our shipping dates and delivery times.

logistics company testimonials

Goods are loaded on time and the rates are very competitive. We look forward to doing business with them for many years to come. We look forward to many more years of successful and on time business with Transport https://addicongroup.com/ N Service and would not hesitate to recommend your services to any potential company. Transport N Service is a customer focused company that always goes the extra mile to provide the best service possible.

Rely On Us For Your Logistics And Transportation Needs

After a thorough analysis with many proposals, we decided to proceed with Sweetwater Logistics. In addition to handling our daily requirements for shipping, they’ve been instrumental in creating custom components that help build our brand. They understand our vision and regularly provide recommendations to further improve our service along with opportunities to expand our business. Even though we had some difficulties with the trucking company, Freightera was very helpful to assist until shipment arrived. Great experience overall on our first shipment with Freightera. Easy to navigate website and array of quotes from different carriers.

logistics company testimonials

It was our first time shipping from the USA to Canada and they were the best quote for our shipment. I can’t say enough about how they took care of me especially since it was my first time. They were the only company uss express delivery llc career that was so helpful over the phone without constantly asking me to go to their website. Shout out to Helio and Henrique who made my experience even better! Definitely going to continue to use them again.

Asset Based Carrier

Over the last 18 years many of us have worked with STC Logistics. I manage transportation for all new store openings, remodels and special fixture rollouts. For the month of January alone, STC is moving 5 separate LTL rollouts from multiple vendors. These rollouts consist of 6548 delivery locations with a hard stop date of Jan 31, 2019. In addition to LTL services, we also utilize STC’s full truckload division within the contiguous 48 and periodically send shipments to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

  • We were forced to buy normal volumes with upfront payment terms, nebulous shipping, and almost always sight un-seen.
  • I’ll definitely refer others in the industry to your team.
  • I doubt there is a better combination of competitive pricing and outstanding service available in the industry.
  • Shout out to Helio and Henrique who made my experience even better!
  • I encourage other organizations to follow our success and join the Pillow Logistics customer following.

Our freight was picked up on schedule and we were provided a tracking # to follow our shipment the whole way. It arrived with no issue & there were no hidden fees. Load was shipped from the US into Canada without uss express delivery llc career any issues. We have used other companies in the past with varied results. The Freightera team actually cared as much about the delivery as our company did. Kept us updated and on track the entire shipment.

Indiana’s Largest Comprehensive Healthcare Company

I have always felt like I was working with a partner that committed to helping me find the right fit until my search was complete. They never behaved as a company just working for the customers who hire them to find talent. I’ve always worked with Beth and she has been incredible, taking time to discuss anything I needed, even as she has grown in her own career. She has always given me the same level of attention since the first call we had years ago, taken the time to listen to my needs or concerns in an understanding way, and presented me with a variety of options." We have used the services of Freightera a few times now transporting products to other provinces and they have been amazing.


Hope you’ll continue providing the quality of services you have been providing us so far. They are constantly going above and beyond to make sure I am happy and getting personal attention. I am confident that we will be importing our bicycles with Dedola for a long time to come. I would have no problem what so ever recommending them, which I have done on many occasions, I have been in https://ussexpressdeliveryllcreviews.quora.com/ this business for 14 years and if I know TNS services an area where I have freight I will always call them." "We have been working with Transport N Service for a number of years. They provide excellent service and assistance. “Our company mines Bentonite clay for use in a number of commercial products. At Logistics Plus®, happy customers are vital to our continued growth and success.

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